Taming Risk Academy: Core Focus

Let us help you to successfully navigate risks

The story of Taming Risk Academy: 

Financial institutions depend on the right kinds and levels of risk. Expert Gary Deutsch points to three necessities: smart details, accurate intuition, and seasoned wisdom. His Taming Risk Academy gathers the experience of proven experts in the financial field, especially banking, and reliably provides all three assets. With Taming Risk Academy, finance professionals can access all of it effectively, in an actionable form.


What this is:

Taming Risk Academy offers sharp, insightful training from a proven expert in financial risk management. Pick what you need at any given time and situation, from the multiple topics. In banking, find expert training on credit risk, fraud risk, interest rate risk, internal audits operational risk, as well as overall risk management. Or tap into specialized financial expertise for use in nonprofits and small businesses. Compact, focused e-learning programs come from Gary Deutsch’s decades of experience, honed to today’s regulatory and pandemic challenges.


Benefits to TamingRisk Academy clients: 

Regulations and information change all the time. Taming Risk Academy studies and tracks those changes and analyzes them for you—stay up to date through concise, applicable newsletters and blog articles with alerts and needed links.

Risk changes all the time. Banking incorporates risk routinely, but your operation prepares for new and evolving risks, whether economic earthquakes like the effects of a global pandemic or tight regulatory hoops to clear. Nonprofits and small businesses are impacted when credit tightens during risk cycles.  Taming Risk prepares you.

Experience comes from the time in the field. Tap into the tested expertise of Gary Deutsch and guest faculty members, promptly, in exactly the area where you need it.

Use your risk-reduction assets effectively. Taming Risk Academy develops templates and checklists that make your information and skills actionable. Apply your knowledge swiftly and appropriately, for successful risk management.

Your time matters! Catch up and be ready to handle financial risk efficiently, because Taming Risk Academy gives you just-in-time tools.

Certification matters to your institution’s clients. Gain certification through compact focused courses offered by Taming Risk Academy. Colleagues and team members can follow your example.


Who Benefits:

Anyone working in a position that is directly or indirectly responsible for risk management can benefit from Taming Risk Academy e-learning programs.  The materials incorporated in the e-learning programs have been tested over time through thousands of subscribers to BRT Publications LLC print publications, webinars, and in-person training.

To your success,

Gary Deutsch
founder and chief risk investigator


Senior Instructor Gary Deutsch

Gary Deutsch is the “chief risk investigator” for Taming Risk Academy. Whether your own journey is in banking, small business, or the nonprofit sector, he offers you the tools and wisdom from his deep and wide experience in these fields, to advance how others manage successful and well-regulated businesses. Certified as CPA, with an MBA in finance (Loyola University Maryland), his designations include certified internal auditor (CIA), certified management accountant (CMA), and certified bank auditor (CBA). Across four decades, he held top posts in financial operations in small and large companies and senior positions in regional banks. His books are available in both the United States and Europe.